14 mai 2006

Which Polyhedral Am I ?

I am a d10

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Ah, the d10! While you aren't actually a true regular polyhedron, you are the only die that makes logical sense--metrically speaking. Chances are, others see you as over-analytical or a goody-goody. While that may be true, you also have a gift for patience and tolerance. Growing up you probably had a calculator wristwatch that you never really needed to use (since you were faster on your own), and you probably aced all your classes (except for gym). You use the metric system almost exclusively, but are able to quickly convert in mid-conversation for the sake of your backwards Imperalist friends. You've coded in at least two different programming languages, and have created more original gaming systems than you'll ever admit. You're generally not a show-off, but you do take pride in being called either a geek or a nerd.

c'est pas du tout moi.
et même que j'ai une mauvaise influence sur les gens autour.

et même que quand je serais grande, je serais superstar indienne géographe.
bon, d'accord, dans une autre vie ^^

explication chez le puddingg.... [je change d'avis si je veux !]

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Commentaires sur Which Polyhedral Am I ?

  • ah ah après les posts où on comprend rien alors qu'on devrait (peut-être), nin' invente les posts où on comprend rien mais c'est normal les explications auxquelles on ne comprendra pas plus seront données plus tard.
    nin' elle est trop forte.
    nin' est grande et puddingg est son prophète, ou le contraire, j'ai un doute.

    Posté par tirui, 15 mai 2006 à 01:16 | | Répondre
  • C'est vrai ça, c'est presque aussi incompréhensible qu'un arbre binaire (et qu'on ne me demande pas ce qu'est un arbre binaire, je n'ai toujours pas cherché à comprendre...^^).

    Posté par Félix, 15 mai 2006 à 13:47 | | Répondre
  • wéééé moi aussi je suis une d10

    Posté par Cocoralie, 15 mai 2006 à 21:39 | | Répondre
  • I'm a d12, romantic, creative and unusual.

    I'm the rare, the overlooked, yet incredibly useful dodecahedron: the d12. I'm a creative, romantic soul. I often act without thinking, but make up for your lack of plans with plenty of heart. I easily solve problems that stump others, but my answers tend to put you into even deeper trouble. I write long, detailed backgrounds for all your characters, and I'm most likely to dress up as one or get involved in cos-play. I can be silly at times and I'm easily distracted by my own day dreams, but at the end of the day I'm someone who can be depended on.

    Thanks for this good test nin', the result correspond with my own personality. Indeed I think I'm creative and romantic and I love helping the others. Unusual, I don't know, it's not to me to tell it. And I love the number 12, and a d12 is a fantastic Platonic solid.I promised I wright a commentary on your blog, and it's done, and in English ! Probably I made faults but I've learned English only at school.
    Bye nin', and thanks for your fearsome and flabbergasted [private joke] blog.

    Posté par Titouan, 15 mai 2006 à 21:41 | | Répondre
  • Aaaaaaaah, la grosse fôte a "write", je mérite presque de m'autotaper dessus pour un truc pareil.
    Flute de zlut !! Que je sois maudit jusqu'à la (n+1)eme génération !

    Posté par Titouan, 15 mai 2006 à 21:43 | | Répondre
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